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Sailstone Taking a more Agile approach to the future

To be (more) agile is something that evolves over time. The process of transformation is in itself a series of iterations. So we offer:

Analysis.  Where is your organisation now? How much capacity is there for improvement? Is changing worth the effort?  This isn't for everyone.

Facilitation. Helping you to understand where the opportunities are. Hothouses, Business Case construction, discussion with stakeholders and peers are examples of how help can inject pace into a programme of change.

Methods. We can teach, but in a way that's customised to you. Off the shelf training packages may be just what you need, but is there one that matches your business. To begin the journey you will probably need a mix and match approach that reuses modules from a range of sources. Detailed training for individuals can come later.

Coaching and mentoring.  The most successful long tern change is when you do it yourself. We can sit alongside and help you to change because success for us is when all the credit for achieving benefit goes to you.